Thursday, December 9, 2010

Ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhh the TAXES!!!

1. Flat 10%, no deductions for all incomes.
2. Federal sales tax of 10% on purchases other than food, clothes, home, utilities.
3. Health insurance companies go non-profit, and policies available to everyone outside of their job. All premiums for non-preventable illnesses the same for everyone. Premiums for smokers and obese paid by smokers and obese.
4. Public option health insurance available- like school and security, but not mandatory over the age of 18. BUT, if you don't at least sign up for insurance or have cash, you will not receive medical treatment. Since that was your choice. Any minor needing treatment will be signed up for a public option at the medical services site. Doctor can choose to call for social services assessment, like now.
5. Repeal NAFTA or find some other way to bring back manufacturing jobs.
6. Country-wide wind and solar energy grid, invested by utility companies with SBA or municipal bond funds. Gradual, but quick, elimination of foreign oil in America. OK, drill in American waters for oil to be used in AMERICA.
7. Downsize the IRS. They suck.
8. Document illegals and tax them. Allow them to sign a minimum-wage waiver. Severly fine employers who hire illegal workers to avoid paying taxes and acceptable American wages.
9. INCREASE the variety of classes available to public high school students. The damn national standards have narrowed the subject standards and tried to homogenize everyone. There are currently 8 recognized forms of intelligence, teach to them ALL.