Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Douche Bag

Ok, Oh my God. So there's this Tea Party candidate named Ken Buck who is worried about religion not being a part of law. He wants a national morality, presumably based on Christianity. Now we Pragmaticlanders understand that Christianity is supposed to be about love and kindness, with some "judge not" thrown in for good measure. But...there are some Christian sects who value obedience, hierarchy, and duty. Now, when we look back and look up what the original intent of the Revolution was, we will see freedom to practice the religion of our choice, freedom to speak our minds, equality among all men, and representation in government. Please explain to me how establishing a national moral code aligns with the ideas supposedly held dear by the Tea Party according to the Founding Fathers.

Mr. Buck would have to show me where the concept we are currently trying to practice, "to each his own but hurt no one or their rights", is different or inferior to his ideas on national uniform ideas of morality. And I would also like to know, just who would get the final decision on this national morality?

Look, difference of opinion is what keeps us a half-step ahead of becoming a national cult. Humans with brains NEED to question authority and constantly ask, is this the best it can be? The worst thing for America would be to be forced to do anything. There are some who believe there are more Jews in power in America than any other group. Would Mr. Buck be satisfied if Jewish rules were to become American rules? Probably not.

So here is your compromise, not that I feel the obligation to compromise with the extremists, but let us moderates be the bigger person.

I'll decide right and wrong for myself, and you do the same. I won't tell you what to believe and you reciprocate. I won't hurt you, and you don't hurt me.

"National moral code"...Not possible in a free country. The antithesis of FREE.

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