Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Election Day

Not that the day has chosen the topic, but today's compromise is a very easy one. You have to wonder why the geniuses leaving and the geniuses about to enter Congress have not thought of it yet. Gay rights.

Isn't it ironic that in America there are still citizens who have to "earn" their rights from others? Just saying.

Let's begin with Don't Ask Don't Tell. As much as I loathe Bill Clinton as a walking talking insult to the female species, his DADT was at least a step in the right, ahem, proper direction on the path toward compromise. If you are a person, you will most likely be assumed a heterosexual until you indicate otherwise. So therefore, most members of the military are assumed to have an attraction to the opposite sex. Both sexes definitely serve in the armed forces, and most of us agree they do a damn fine job carrying out the orders from the government-- with which we may or may not agree. As I understand it, (and I am no soldier) there already exists a no-fraternization rule. Can't the rule be enough? If men and women are disciplined somehow if caught "fraternizing" let's let the same rule apply to 2 women or 2 men. If there is a rule prohibiting sexual relations between 2 soldiers, then enforce it. Why is it relevant whom a soldier might want to have relations with?

As a female who has been "checked out" by a few idiots with one-track minds (and aren't we all?), I can understand the straight soldier's discomfort at the idea of undressing and showering with a person who might have naughty, unwelcome ideas in their head. If the women don't have to sleep in the same dorm with the men, the heteros should have the option to not sleep with the gays. It sounds fair...

Allow me to acknowledge one fact. Most convicted rapists are straight men. I do not believe straight male soldiers have as much reason to fear their peers as female soldiers have, but I can empathize with their discomfort at possibly being ogled.

So now it seems the issue comes down to sleeping and showering arrangements. Not being a soldier and not knowing the logistics of these things, the best I can say is offer 10% extra sleeping space, 2 showering shifts, and let the guys figure it out between themselves who sleeps where and showers when. I doubt the female soldiers have the same problems with each other.

Uniformly enforce the current rule regarding fraternization.

Marriage. So much easier than the politicians want you to think it is. When you enter into a legally sanctioned partnership arrangement with another consenting adult, call it a "Partnership" or a "Union." If you would like that Union blessed by a religious figure, go for it. If your church calls it a "marriage", no problem. You can even have both the legal authority and your religious authority at the same ceremony. Either disallow religious figures to sign legal Union paperwork, or allow (not require), by law, religious figures to sign ALL legal Union paperwork. Guarantee- we will begin to see churches which bless gay Unions.

All legal Unions, currently called Marriages, will be afforded the same benefits as they currently have. Property, naming the children, beneficiary and pension, living will, etc.

Doesn't seem like much of a compromise to some conservatives, you say? Look at it from the perspective of 3 things: One, monogamy. Gay couples will be as faithful as straight couples. Two, freedom to decide morality for oneself. We can not be Free AND impose personal morality on others, because NONE of us wants to be controlled by ideas we do not agree with. Third, and this might sound sarcastic but is not, population control. Hear me out. For a person to conceive without a sexual partner is very expensive. Hopefully, more couples who want children will consider adopting unwanted children so there will be fewer children who feel unwanted, (therefore less crime too) and a slowdown in population growth. There are facilities in China full of discarded little girls. Their only crime being the possession of a vulva. It can get expensive to adopt internationally or domestically, but so can artificial insemination. And this way you don't have to endure pregnancy!


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