Monday, August 20, 2012

How Does One Legitimize Rape, Exactly?

Well, he buys his victim from her father so she will no longer be a slut but a wife. Then lucky her, she gets to be the property of her rapist for the rest of her life, if he will have her. If he will not, she is damaged goods and an unmarryable disgrace to her father.

In the 21st Century, I suppose you would legitimize rape by being able to prove it. Because don't all men know that women really do want nothing more than to be entered and pounded mercilessly exactly the way men want to do it? Of course we do. I was once accused of being crabby, and he said it "must be" due to "dick deprivation." Well OF COURSE it was. What else matters? What else is there to make a woman at all unhappy?

Fucking Assholes-- I can't even go on I'm so pissed. Men are completely useless (and they know it).

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